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Growing Our Kurated Baan Series of Stylish Home Interiors

Growing Our Kurated Baan Series of Stylish Home Interiors

As ‘baan’ in Lao/Thai means ‘house’, we have been curating stylish interiors since we launched this series in January 2021. To date, we have featured 12 homes from Hawaii, California, Thailand, France and Singapore. We love seeing how different people (the majority with no design background) can take a blank space and transform them into elegant rooms.  

These interiors showcase various design styles from modern, bohemian, traditional, and even art deco with Asian accents. Most importantly, these spaces not only reflect the homeowner’s personal style, but they also include handmade furniture and accessories curated from local brands. We are constantly inspired by folks who style and decorate ‘ordinary’ homes, whether it is a rental, apartment, villa, house or studio - into chic and inviting spaces. 

We believe a home is first welcoming for yourself and your guests, filled with light, and reflects the influences of culture, travel, and personal aesthetics that tell interesting stories. Scroll through our past ‘Kurated Baan’ features on our Instagram @kurated_baan to see these beautiful home decor. 

Do you have a love for interior design or just enjoy decorating in your own style? We would like to highlight it in our ongoing series of stylish interiors. Email us at if we should feature your home. Let’s continue to grow our community of home decorating and interior design enthusiasts around the world!

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